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"Most of the modern buildings adopt the extensive daylighting glass roof system, which increases the buildings` aesthetic, modernistic and translucent feeling with the cost of adding huge energy consumption. The design idea of sunshade and energy-saving has become indispensable for the modern buildings as the ever-bearing worsen of energy crisis."

Cezanne Sunshade has developed intelligent solutions for the operation of building openings and sun protections devices. These systems improve comfort of occupants while also reducing energy costs:
skylight blind,motorized louver,FSS,FCS,Public building sunshade solution
1. When it`s hot, protecting the room from the sun`s rays, when it`s cold, keeping heat in the building during unoccupiedtime, improve thermal comfort;

Improve thermal comfort

2. Adjust brightness levels according to the sun`s position, improve visual comfort; 

improve visual comfort

3. Air quality, like temperature and light levels, is an essential component for comfort. With Cezanne sunshade solution systems, Improve ventilation of a shopping mall or a sports hall couldn`t be easier!  

improve ventilate

4. Saving energy without compromising occupants` comfort, by prioritizing the use of nature light, reducing solar gains in summer. 

saving energy

skylight blind,motorized louver,FSS,FCS,Public building sunshade solution

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