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"Offices are where most employees spend the majority of their working hours."office building sunshade solution,motorized roller blinds,aluminum louver

It is essential that they are designed and built to provide maximum comfort for their occupants. Productivity depends on it.Cezanne Sunshade adapt management of the building’s solar protection according to occupation.Reduce energy consumption.  Extend the life of motorized sun protection fittings, through judder-free operation.  Protecting external blinds from bad weather.

1.Thermal comfort. Overheated or freezing cold rooms harm occupant’s comfort. Prevent excessive temperature variations with  remote control. In summer, they protect interiors from overheating from direct sunlight; during winter, they improves  insulation. This is effective even when buildings are unoccupied.

Thermal comfort

2.Visual comfort. Office, libraries,  shoping mall and sports center all need lighting that suits the work taking place there. Visual comfort is a key performance factor in the buliding which have glass at facade.

Visual comfort

3.Soundproofing,  reduce the sound through, both outdoor and indoor


4.Against-Thief, nobody could go into this block whithout right key, the hammer is building sunshade solution,motorized roller blinds,aluminum louver 



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